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Horse Riding

The horse-riding centre just on the other side of the village of Engraviès is only a five minute walk away from Domaine Thomson.

It is a family run business and it is possible to have horse-riding lessons, to go on treks varying in length from two hours to several day`s duration; you can also watch horse-ball competitions, and much, much more.

There is a very active calendar of events which you can enrol in, or you can plan your own timetable of lessons, or treks.

There are sessions where children, and adults if they wish, may spend time learning the care of the horse.

New this year will be “equi-yoga”, which in English means yoga on horseback. This promises to be of interest to many.

We have wonderful opportunities here for people of all sorts of riding abilities to pursue their interest. The village has its own “equitation centre” a five minute walk away, from which horse-riding lessons are available for beginners up to the experienced. Also very popular are the treks that follow wooded pathways leading amongst the many hills from which there are the most marvellous views. These treks range from one hours` duration up to a full day including lunch. Sometimes treks can be arranged to have an overnight campout so that a visit can take in the peak of a nearby mountain. Such excursions are only for the experienced.

    A range of packages can be obtained.

  • One hour`s lesson in the morning, with instruction.
  • One hour`s lesson in the morning, with a one or two hour`s guided trek in the afternoon.
  • One or two hour daily guided treks.

It is obligatory for even experienced riders, that they do at least one hour at the centre so that their standard can be assessed. In France, safety is paramount, and no-one will be permitted to go on a trek without first an instructor being confident of their riding abilities.

It has to be emphasised that treks must have a minimum of three riders plus guide in the party.

You can also watch, and if you like, learn to play “horse-ball”.

The prices for horseriding lessons start from 14 euros per person for one hour tuition, and it is possible to buy a book of 10 lessons for 140 euros and you get an eleventh lesson free. These books of riding tickets can be used between a family/group.

The prices for treks begin at 30 euros for two hours, and rise accordingly as shown below:

  • Horse-riding trek – minimum 2 hours: 30.00€
  • Horse-riding trek – half day: 40.00€
  • Horse-riding trek – full day, with meal included: 75.00€
  • Horse-riding trek – full day, overnight, and meals included: 100.00€

To go on the full day, with overnight is a fantastic experienc , and the other treks that last several days take you through scenery that you would never otherwise have the same opportunity to see. These trips need to be planned well in advance, so for customers keen to participate in these, you must make reservations well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Further informations regarding planned activities of this nature by the horse-riding centre can be seen on their calender of events on their website:

Domaine Thomson will be happy to liaise and make arrangements on your behalf.